The Journey Begins

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Hello dear readers

As I begin my foray into life coaching I am grateful to all those who have helped become who I am. I call them the Gods of my life. We have not seen God, but we can feel the existence of a force above us all. Call it what you like- God, universe or any other word of your choice. But yes, it is there. A nihilist or an atheist might dismiss the notion of God but then how else would one explain the inexplicable. These gods can be persons, children, a paragraph on a page of the book you were reading or a random post on a social networking site or an act of nature. Believe it or not even the most negative event in your life can make you a better person if you are willing to look at it that way. They come at the most appropriate moment when you are stuck and looking for a sign, a ray of hope or for light at the end of a tunnel. You start to see life in different perspectives- at least one different perspective. If one is perceptive enough, you might also look at that in retrospect to see what went wrong and how things could have been different.

Transformation: Nature itself is a result of ongoing transformation. From the Big Bang till today, transformation has brought us where we are. Transformation is a law of nature. Even Newton realized it and it became one of the laws of physics. If your feel you have reached a stage where your routine has become mundane and you no longer get the stimulation you need to keep going, it is time for change- a small change or a big change. But then have you realised that it is time for change? And more importantly, are you ready for change? Quite often, we know the answer but are unwilling to admit it or even take the first step towards change. Go on, see it in your mind and take that first step. It was the famous first steps taken that led to great discoveries and enlightenment that changed mankind forever. Who knows where your first step will take you and how the metamorphosis will change you!

15 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Very well written, you have expressed your thought beautifully in bitesize. Hope this new step of yours takes you on a wonderful and meaningful journey. All the very best


  2. Wow, too gud thought of reality which we dont realise and ignore often. Vasu it inspired me to include this subject in my poem. Tthanks a lot.


  3. Awesome writeup Vasanti.
    You have a beautiful mind. Very well expressed thoughts. Yes, the first step is most important. It is the most crucial and most effective. It decides we are not going to stay where we are.
    All the best


  4. Very well written Vas.
    You have aptly described what we all feel. I really believe that God intervenes in our life at various points and I’ve indeed experienced him many a times.
    There have been many such instances where I’ve interacted with him.
    Will look forward to your future posts.
    Keep up the good work


  5. Motivating write up Vasanthi… Helps anyone to get out of the cozy zone and think beyond. Awaiting more !!


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