Rigidity breeds stagnation

Stagnation prevents growth and evolution

I saw a video by Sadhguru. He spoke about energies and how one can align with them. In a physical world we are after all, bundles of energy – atoms, molecules, more complex molecules, contantly transforming energy through biochemical cycles! What struck me was something that he stated non chalantly – Be fluid and not absolute.

What does it mean to be fluid and not absolute?

You cannot confine energy, ideas, thoughts, water, waves, air and one can build the list! They are meant to be free to go in the direction they choose. What would happen is we held them back? Stagnation, rot, decay. Stagnant water breeds disease. Stagnant air soon carries stench. Allow your mind to adapt to change. All it needs is for you to train your mind to be ready to embrace change. We all like our lives to go steady and smooth. Status quo is good. What’s better is adaptability to change. I used to have rigid ideas about how I wanted my life to be and when that didn’t happen I became unhappy and was unhappy for a long time. That became my status quo, being in a perpetual state of anxiety and unhappiness. I slowly started to turn inwards to seek explanation for my anxieties, worries and troubles. Most of the time this introspection works. It helps you chart a new course and navigate through adversities with great ‘fluidity’. As you chart new courses in life you become a weathered sailor, growing stronger, better and humane as long as you’re grounded. There are some who grow bitter and resentful through adversity. I only pray that such people make their peace with themselves in this life.

Discipline and rigidity are quite different. Can we enforce discipline without being rigid? Discipline brings order amidst chaos and we need some amount of order in all this disordeliness to keep us civilized and evolve.

Today I pray that you all look inward and find it in you to find your fluidity. We are not meant to be rigid. We are not meant to settle. We are meant to grow and thrive for the world belongs to tomorrow and not yesterday or the day before. Be fluid like water.

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.” —

Lao Tzu

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