In a state of suspension . . .

When you are unable to bring yourself out of a state of inertia.

There are times in our lives when we are struggling to hold it together. It all looks like you’re at your wits end and falling apart. Daily mundane activities are cumbersome. You are barely making to the next day.

  • Do you always tell yourself, “Tomorrow is going to be a better day, I will get my act together after that”?
  • Are you constantly in a state of suspension feeling stuck and not able to bring yourself out of inertia?
  • Are you always plagued by self doubt and pessimism?
  • Are you surrounded by people who tell you that this state of melancholy or misery is better than what the unknown has to offer?

This may not be your story. You could be an adolescent going through a rough time, a student having difficulty keeping up with your studies, an employee stuck in a non productive phase, a person going through relationship issues. No matter what your difficulty, you may be in a limbo.

Unless you burn your boats you will not swim to newer shores. If you stay behind thinking “I’d rather stay here than face unknown problems OR be eaten up by a shark” You will never know what all you are missing. Yes, there is a possibility there will be great difficulties, but then you could also reach shores filled with great new possibilities.

After you have snapped out of stasis and revived yourself….

Every time you decide to swim against the current, the rest of the crowd will always discourage you, label you, define you, defile your name. They do not know what you know, have endured or have seen, so it does not matter what they think. Your life is your journey. It is for no one else to judge and measure. Think of your 6 year old self, gather courage, and go forth!

So, take stock of your life and snap out of your inertia. Stop living in transition.

If you need help getting back on track and winning your life back, let’s connect.

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